Laverghetta Photography & Portraits | Services
Business **
Employee Portraits - Your employees need quality images, whether it be for business cards, your company website, or even billboards. Digital files available, as well as reasonable prices for prints.
Architectural - Looking to expand or move your business? You may want a way to display your building or storefront. Perhaps you'd like to show off your welcoming interior.
Product - Food, clothing, automobiles, your own art, or any other kind of product.
Wall Art - Fill those bare walls with something. Maybe you're proud of the town you serve and would like some new photos of key landmarks. Lobbies often have old, stale artwork that could use an update.
Personal **
Self-Promotion - LinkedIn, Facebook, maybe your personal website. That selfie only gets you so far. I've got a wide variety of styles you'll love.
Wall Art/Commissions - Exchange some of that tired old wall art for something new. Give it a modern, local touch. Are you a wine fan? We'll pick up some of your favorite vino and put it in a high quality photograph. Really take pride in your homestead? I'll get a shot your family can keep for generations.
Legacy/Ancestral Portrait - Personally, I love those formal portraits of loved ones. You never want to think about the day you won't have some of your elders to talk to, but these are a wonderful memorial.
Photo Restoration - Old family photos or other old photos. Faded photos, ripped, spots, discolorations, or any other blemishes. I will digitize the, and reprint them, all while preserving your original.
Digital Photo Retouching - Have you taken a photo you need tweaked? Could some photos use a little retouching? I'll take it on as long as I have the authorization.
The Usual
Senior Portraits - I'm flexible. I try not to keep strict limits on outfit changes or locations. Location shoots are popular, though it's always good to have a formal portrait as well. Cost starting around $150. 
Family Portraits - Studio or on location. I'm fine with either. Cost starting around $150.
Notes on Other Photography
I am a very big advocate of film and traditional photography. I develop all of my film by hand as well as print everything in my darkroom. This leads to wonderful, quality black and white prints that don't look quite like anything else. Most of my services provided are entirely digital as you would come to expect, but I always want to provide the option for something with more of an artistic flair, something a little bit different than what everybody else has. 
I am able to do wedding and infant/newborn photography, though it is not my main focus. I am more than willing to talk with you and see if we can work something out, but I am also willing to make recommendations.

     **       - Please contact for cost. Cost for most services are determined by what has to go into each unique job with the exception of prints of my work that already exists. I try to make every effort to be honest and reasonable with my pricing, so give me as many details as is possible. In the course of events, if more details are added to a job, or if it becomes much more involved that originally expected, this could increase the overall cost.