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About My Art

I prefer to photograph with my large format camera which uses film sized 4"x5". That's quite a bit bigger than your once-standard 35mm film. The developing and photograph printing is done totally in the traditional style, in the darkroom. It is an all-silver gelatin process which means that both the film and print paper contain a silver compound suspended in a stable gelatin emulsion. The light hitting the silver emulsion creates a latent image by altering the chemical composition of the film or paper which doesn't appear until properly developed and printed in wet chemicals. There are many ways to alter the process that can give an artist's photographs their own lunique look.

I use both a 20-year-old Wisner 4x5-inch Technical Field Camera as well as a near 50-year-old Burke & James Grover in 8x10-inch size  . I use Ilford FP4+ and HP5+ film and Ilford MG Classic fiber base glossy paper. I develop my film with Rodinal primarily or HC-110. All final prints are selenium toned at low dilution for archival purposes though I may occasionally tone a print differently for aesthetic purposes as well. I choose to photograph with film in black and white partly out of necessity due to it's lower cost and complexity, but also because I feel it evokes more of a nostalgic feeling as well as removing the distraction of color, allowing the viewer to notice the tone and texture comfortably alongside the content.

I do enjoy photographing digitally as well as the immediacy and the lower cost of photographing and processing images on the computer. At the moment I use a Canon 5D Mark II with various lenses. I do not print my own digital photography at home, but depend on the Mpix and Mpix Pro labs.

If you are interested in purchasing one of my photographs,please contact me by any means you see presented on my website or through Facebook. I would be happy to talk to you and find something that would look great in your space or fit to your budget. I'm usually willing to negotiate for an existing print or a commissioned photograph.

My Portraiture

Photography has become a bit of a commodity in recent years with the availability of digital photographs and the immediacy of cell phone cameras. My biggest goal is to help people recognize the importance of proper portraits for the family to have as a keepsake as well as something to hang in the home or share with loved ones.

My portraiture is mainly digital oriented though I'd love to make black and white art portraits for home or business display, of loved ones, or meaningful locations.

Photography has had many trends and looks, though I try to avoid much of the trendy toning add-ons and actions that many photographers use to create their look. I will largely keep the portraits I make in true-to-life color or some form of black and white. My main interests for portraits are individuals or families. I let families decide how they would like their portraits and largely work spur of the moment while I like to plan an individual's portrait session whether it's a high school senior or a promotional shot. Communication is key.

I wish you happy days and relaxing evenings!